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The World has Gone Digital. Have You?

Built by Pathologists for Pathologists

Deep Lens has extended one of the world’s first and best known digital pathology cloud platforms that for over ten years has allowed pathology groups to collaborate on groundbreaking cancer research across dozens of cancer types.  

Based on feedback from hundreds of expert global users, we have enhanced the system to include AI-powered image detection and workflow support, collaboration, cloud storage and built in APIs for ingestion of third party AI models and integration to EMR, LIMS and other systems. 

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AI-Based Patient Identification for Biotech, Pharma and Clinical Research Organizations

Revolutionary Deep Learning


Deep Lens VIPER, used at major institutions around the world, is able to help care teams identify and triage patients for clinical trials much sooner than traditional methods.  By utilizing VIPER, qualified patients are found at the time of diagnosis.  The result?  Patients receive the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

Discover How Deep Lens is helping  Biotech and Pharma & Clinical Research Organizations
Drug Discovery

Translational Research

Pharma and biotech work with Deep Lens because machine vision in pathology is an important component to reach their translational research objectives.

Tumor identification and classification in pathology images help drive understanding of longitudinal patient outcomes.

Discover How Deep Lens is helping  Biotech and Pharma & Clinical Research Organizations

Deep Lens is committed to supporting the pathology discipline with advanced analytics and communication technology in it’s fight against disease.

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