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For almost 11 years, Dave Billiter, Deep Lens’ CEO and co-founder, was responsible for innovation at Nationwide Children's Hospital (NCH) in Columbus, Ohio, the largest pediatric oncology facilities in the United States.

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Dave and his tireless team focused on pediatric cancer and other disease types by creating technology that helped not only the expert pathologists at NCH but the also expert pathologist around the United States and the world.
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A Class Team Developing Technology for Digital Pathology

This world class team developed technology during Dave’s tenure that focused on digital pathology. From 2005 Dave and his team had the idea to develop workflow technology and image analysis software and algorithms that would fundamentally change the industry by giving pathologists time back to focus on what’s most important - helping the patient.

Dave has been following the ever increasing adoption of digital pathology over the years, and with some of the latest advancements and FDA approval, he went back to look at all the technology that he was a part of creating. He contacted the Office of Technology Commercialization at Children's and inquired about licensing the technology. When he discovered that the technology was available, Dave quickly executed on an exclusive option for all the technology.

A few months later Deep Lens was incorporated, an exclusive license was signed, a world class team of co-founders, executives, advisors and investors were put in place, and Deep Lens is forging ahead into the industry with a unique combination of time tested, proven technology, a user base that includes the largest research institutions in the world, and artificial intelligence that is set to revolutionize the industry.

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