Transforming The Patient Journey

The complexity of today’s precision medicine can overwhelm healthcare providers. Not enough patients successfully enroll in clinical trials.

The industry is faced with a big data problem.  It is a low probability that an Oncologist or Principal Investigator could know all of the inclusion/exclusion criteria for the hundreds of studies running at their institution and/or those within close proximity. 

Due to limited visibility, eligible patients and their care teams are missing opportunities to learn about cutting-edge trials, in the small window when treatment decisions are made.


Deep Lens finds more patients

VIPER is strikingly powerful, with the ability to identify and recruit patients who would otherwise have gone undetected.

Whether it's within your institution or through community partners, VIPER connects care teams across the continuum, improves molecular testing processes and delivers more qualified patients.

Through dynamic messaging and alerts, care team members are automatically alerted to a patient’s eligibility for available clinical trials associated with your institution and affiliates


Deep Lens’ VIPER can facilitate greater patient access to cutting-edge treatments.
By identifying eligible patients for clinical trials based on their digital and molecular biomarkers, VIPER is exactly what is needed to boost trial enrollment numbers. Patients deserve access to the most promising treatments and getting access should not be a burden.

David R. Braxton, M.D.
Molecular Genetic Pathologist

See VIPER In Action

The combination of integrated notification and education engines, with unique pre-enrollment workflow support, prevents early misses and optimizes the enrollment process to capture more patients.  Schedule a demo to see more.

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