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Remote Patient Identification & Screening

VIPER automates the screening process from remote patient identification (at the point of diagnosis) to qualified enrollment. Utilizing artificial intelligence, VIPER identifies and matches patients to precision trials in the narrow window of opportunity through lab-agnostic genomic data ingestion, EMR and pathology data in a way that is customized to both the patient and to the research.

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Trial Matching & Notification

VIPER searches the customized matching engine to find the best available clinical trials for a patients’ specific diagnosis—at the time of diagnosis. Through workflow integration, VIPER sends real-time notifications of a patient's eligibility for available clinical trials to the entire care team in the narrow enrollment window.

How It Works
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Study Performance Dashboard

VIPER also provides real-time interactive dashboards with rich data mining capabilities to aggregate site and study level patient data to hit your study KPIs.

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Strikingly Fast Site Activation

On the VIPER Unity Network, we provide operational efficiency, strikingly fast site activation and onboarding through the power of the cloud. We offer VIPER free to all institutions, thereby eliminating the friction associated with the adoption of new technology. 

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See VIPER In Action

The combination of integrated notification and education engines, with unique pre-enrollment workflow support, prevents early misses and optimizes the enrollment process to capture more patients.  Schedule a demo to see more.

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