The Deep Lens Story

TJ Bowen, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder of Deep Lens discusses how his Co-Founders of Deep Lens Simon Arkell and Dave Billiter share the mission of helping patients find the best therapy.

David R. Braxton, MD on Healthcare Diagnostic Tools

David R. Braxton, MD discusses Healthcare diagnostic tools and how streamlined data can make significant impacts on clinical operations. 

Busting Cancer Patient Recruitment Bottlenecks in Precision Trials
Join Dr. TJ Bowen, CSO and Co-Founder of Deep Lens, and expert panelists, as they discuss how cloud-based platforms can help you hit your study goals.
SCRS Talks to Deep Lens 

Oncology trials present a unique challenge in the clinical research space, particularly when it comes to patient recruitment. Watch Dave Billiters interview here. 


SCRS Webinar

How Lab agnostic Genomic Data Ingestion Is Automating the Oncology Clinical Trial Screening Process. The interpretation of genomic test results is challenging for those untrained in this field. 

Medical Trials Using AI

The modern world actively seeks to make the mechanisms and functions of our lives easier. But while attempting to make life easier, we often face challenges along the way.

AI for Rx

Modern medicine has changed, so it seems rather odd that our processes in medicine, for the most part, haven't. For our founder David Billiter, this was a problem he wanted to solve. 

Clinical Research Patient Recruitment Made More Efficient and Remotely

Simon Arkell was recently interviewed by Dan Sfera for his podcast "Random Musings From The Clinical Trials Guru". 

Katie Goodman: Bring Clinical Trials to the Community Setting to Meet Patients Where They Are

Patients won't participate in a clinical trial if it's too much of a burden, so we have to bring the trials to where the patients live, explained Katie Goodman, RN, BSN, CCRP, Director of Clinical Research, Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute.

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