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A New Ecosystem of Diagnosis

Deep Lens is enabling a new ecosystem of diagnosis confirmation and an accelerated process of care coordination for precision medicine in oncology. “Might”, “maybe”, “not sure yet”, “I’m so sorry”, and “inconclusive” are words and conversations we want to eliminate from the care decision making process for the newly diagnosed and patients whose disease fails to respond to treatment.

Patients and care teams need a confident diagnosis confirmation to inform treatment decisions better and offer clinical research as a care option. Days matter and the very first conversation about diagnosis and treatment options is the most critical. Care teams must “win the first” conversations with a potential patient and exude confidence in diagnosis and treatment options.

By digitizing and modernizing pathology through whole slide imaging and AI, Deep Lens is accelerating the identification of complex disease sub-types in real time. Deep Lens enables the digital translation of deep cellular histology into clinical research as a care option where the critical conversation with a patient is enabled at the point in their journey that is most critical.

Revolutionary Deep Learning


Deep Lens VIPER, used at major institutions around the world, is able to help care teams identify and triage patients for clinical trials much sooner than traditional methods. 

By utilizing VIPER, qualified patients are found at the time of diagnosis. 

The result? 

Patients receive the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

Trusted Networks of Precision Diagnosis and Multi Stakeholder Care Coordination

Deep Lens VIPER is used at major institutions around the world and creates custom workflows delivering both precision diagnosis and clinical study research options to every stakeholder at the most critical point of decision making with a patient.

The solution puts clinical research as a care option on the table at the point of diagnosis.

Pathology-Based AI for Clinical Study Support

Deep Lens brings precision diagnosis confirmation into the critical planning stages of a clinical study starting with protocol design and feasibility by engaging KOL pathologists central to diagnosing procedures. Sites are identified based on network design and support for peak time patient identification. Deep lens VIPER supports umbrella and basket study designs where initial diagnosis and tumor response monitoring is central.

Deep Lens also integrates via API into the leading eClinical solutions creating connectivity to EDC and CTMS systems.

New Insight into Brand Readiness

Deep Lens provides new insight into brand launch readiness and understanding of the patient journey at the point of diagnosis. 

Precision diagnosis and patient support programs developed by Deep Lens have the potential to enhance time to therapy and can be the difference maker in patient outlook and outcomes. 


Some of the Ways We Are Helping Customers

Identifying patients who qualify for trials based in I/E requirements

  • Developing predictive models with our best-in-class AI methods

  • Assisting in feasibility studies, site selection and data-driven trial design

  • Providing access to an expert network of sub-specialist pathologists

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