Dustin Watson, Deep Learning Engineer


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Dustin is a tenured Deep Learning Engineer.  He has a wide breadth of healthcare experience ranging from full stack engineering, automation testing, development operations and machine learning.

Prior to Deep Lens, Dustin led a team of engineers responsible for pioneering artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions at Olive.  Through his experiences, Dustin was able to help automate tedious workflows requiring complex decision making, so healthcare employees don’t have to.

When not tackling the complexities of healthcare, Dustin enjoys spending time with his family. Whether it's drawing with his daughter, building gadgets with his son or kicking back with his wife to enjoy a good sci-fi flick, Dustin's family brings him the most joy.Meet the Deep Lens Team

The power of Deep Lens VIPER is creating a digital asset which opens up the world to high-end analytics like artificial intelligence.