How Deep Lens is helping Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies


Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are turning to Deep Lens because they realize that the answers to difficult questions require more than just sequence and EMR data, but rely on the anatomy of the disease as well.

Our reach within the pathology community is creating a channel for companies developing new therapies and biomarkers to reach the front lines in the fight against cancer. The explosion of assays, biomarkers and diagnostic precision required to ensure a patient receives the optimal care has led to increased pressure on the pathology community to stay educated and informed.  It is also becoming critical for those creating the next generation of therapeutics to focus on the pathologist.

Our Biopharma customers are leveraging Deep Lens for our reach in the pathology community (hundreds of organizations), global pathology expertise (across dozens of subspecialties), and integrated AI and workflow solutions that can help pathologists effectively determine which of the growing litany of inclusion/exclusion (I/E) based biomarker and assays to perform at the right time.

Pathologists are deciding between an array of assay types such as NGS, qPCR, nCounter, IHC, flow cytometry, ISH, and more for each case they diagnose.  They have to understand which patients with which classes of cancer have specific treatment options available to them in order to choose the appropriate tests to perform.  It is becoming impossible to stay current on everything.

Some of the ways we are helping our clients include:

  • Identifying patients who qualify for trials based in I/E requirements

  • Developing predictive models with our best-in-class AI methods

  • Assisting in feasibility studies, site selection and data-driven trial design

  • Providing access to an expert network of sub-specialist pathologists

If you would like to hear more about how Deep Lens can help your organization accelerate driving therapies to patients you can discover more here.

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