Fast and Cost-Effective Staining and Scanning

High-Quality Imaging Services At A Low Cost

To help accelerate this, we have created this service with our founding partner, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, in Columbus, Ohio, to provide high-quality imaging services at a low cost. Simply click the button below, fill in the form and ship your slides to us at our fully accredited scanning labs.

We will immediately scan them with best in class scanning robots and upload your images to your own free VIPER cloud account. Now you are a digital pathologist! 

Sign up for Lab As A Service  Whole Slide Imaging/Scanning Service

Slide Imaging/Slide Scanning Pricing

Light Microscopy Whole Slide Imaging
20X Whole Slide Image (1x3” Slide) - $12
40X Whole Slide Image (1X3” Slide) - $29
100X Oil Whole Slide Image (1x3” Slide) - $199
20X Whole Slide Image (2X3” Slide) - $39
20X Tissue Microarray (1X3” Slide) - $49
40X Tissue Microarray (1X3” Slide) - $79
Multichannel Fluorescent Whole Slide Imaging

20X Whole Slide Image (1x3” Slide) up to 4 channels - $199 p/hr

Digital Scanning

Two Day Turnaround and a Free VIPER Account

Turning your pathology lab into a digital powerhouse is as simple as sending your glass slides to Deep Lens and starting to use the VIPER platform with your own images in less than 2 days.