Become a Deep Lens Partner today and access a global base of digital pathology labs already using our award winning platform, VIPER.

Deep Lens is partnering with:
  • Imaging hardware and software vendors
  • Healthcare providers, institutions and commercial vendors developing their own deep learning methods. Those methods can be enhanced and accelerated by Deep Lens VIPER and deployed to all VIPER users globally
  • Biopharma companies developing clinical studies that can be enhanced by digital pathology and artificial intelligence.
  • Precision medicine vendors looking to enhance their datasets with pathology-driven insights.
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Some of our Partners

Worldwide Clinical Trials

Worldwide is the first customer-centric CRO. Founded by physicians dedicated to advancing medical science and built on an unwavering commitment to operational excellence, we are able to strategically balance science, medicine, operations, and commercial intelligence to achieve successful drug development.

Nationwide Children's Hospital

Deep Lens is a spinout from Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, tasked with enhancing and commercializing it’s award winning digital pathology platform, VIPER. 


Microvisioneer has made it's award winning product available to Deep Lens VIPER users in an easy to use bundle. Pathologists simply attach a camera adapter and inexpensive camera to their microscopes, install the “ManualWSI” software and start capturing whole slide images which can then be easily uploaded to VIPER. The Deep Lens integrated AI features will be coming soon and will automatically be applied to the ManualWSI-generated images. 


Pathobin is a digital pathology solution provider, that provides cost-effective and innovative technical solutions.  Our business goal is to improve the accessibility, accuracy and speed of pathology services.  Our products and services are designed for Pathologists, by Pathologists.