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Tumor Boards

Critical to the care of patients, a tumor board is conducted when teams of expert multi-disciplinary clinicians meet to review and discuss complex patients with a diagnosis of cancer. 

VIPER transforms how clinicians collaborate to improve care coordination, simplifying the preparation, tracking and presentation for tumor boards. 

  • Access VIPER through a simple internet connection and URL
  • Digitize the slide workflow making the process more efficient and therefore faster. 
  • Tag or flag specific patients, slides (includes microscope capture), and regions for upcoming tumor board presentations
  • Enables attachments and inclusion of other critical information sources 
  • Increase awareness of a patients’ clinical trial eligibility allowing for faster recruitment 
  • With digital, improve the clinician experience with greater confidence in presenting cases; navigating seamlessly through the viewer to further promote collaboration and discussion
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Deep Lens Viper

Rapid Central Pathology Review for Patient Enrollment

In the precision medicine era, rapid collection of relevant pathology and biomarker data is essential to clinical trial success.

Published research indicates that when central pathology review (CPR) is performed rapidly prior to patient enrollment, study slots may more accurately reflect the target population and eliminate excess costs.

Use Deep Lens VIPER to
• Perform real-time CPR to determine patient eligibility prior to study enrollment.
• Utilize central pathology review (CPR) to confirm the diagnosis and to ensure adequate tissue for Genomic Expression Profiling.

Deep Lens Viper

Biospecimen Quality Control

Quality control is fundamental to the successful operation of any service that provides tissue for research. If you manage or work with a biospecimen repository, you can save time and money with VIPER

• Tumor attributes that are assessed with Deep Lens VIPER:
• % of nuclei that are neoplastic cells (tumor cellularity)
• % tumor necrosis, by cellularity – (using only tumor cells as denominator)
• % non-neoplastic stroma, by area – (using only tumor area as denominator)
• % acellular mucin, by area – (using only tumor area as denominator)

Deep Lens Viper

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) can be performed with VIPER as follows:

• Internal Case Review [Retrospective]
• % of cases for documented secondary review
• External (peer) Case Review by Subspecialist [Retrospective]
• Subspecialty review by blinded submission

Deep Lens Viper

Training and Education

Pathology groups within hospitals and universities are using Deep Lens VIPER to train the next generation of digital pathologists. Whether it be to replicate the work flow of a pathology lab, train residents on the finer points of secondary opinions, or rehearsing for tumor boards, Deep Lens VIPER has been set up to provide groups with a workflow and collaboration tool to suit all scenarios.

Catalog of “interesting” cases for discussion and reference.
• Creation of teaching sets based upon tumor type.
Testing mechanism for undergraduate and post-graduate levels, and are expanding in the graduate (residency) level.
• Assignment, tracking, and presentation for Tumor Boards

Have your own unique use case and want to discuss it with us or schedule a discovery call to get VIPER Enterprise for your pathology group? Contact us here and let us know how we can help.

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Digital Collaboration

Get the Insights of Peers

VIPER Enterprise allows for case assignment, collaboration between team members for second opinions, and group reviews of difficult cases. Reach out to Deep Lens to discuss how to get your group up and running fast. The platform is free and includes 100GB per pathologist of free cloud storage. After that pay a simple monthly fee. VIPER Enterprise can also integrate to your existing cloud or on-premise digital catalog and scanning software. Simply add VIPER and utilize the benefits of a world-class digital workflow platform.

VIPER Single User will soon have the capability of sending cases to anyone outside your organization. Collaborate on any case with any pathologist. All they need to do is sign up for a free VIPER account and receive your case. It's that simple. 

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