Data-driven site selection for your oncology study

Deep Lens' Real Time Feasibility provides de-identified patient counts in an easy-to-use dashboard that enables faster decisions on site selection and study activation. Real Time Feasibility leverages VIPER to ingest and monitor EMR and genomics data across the Unity Network of community-based oncology practices. Instead of having to rely on stale historical data and best guesses from site staff, Real Time Feasibility surfaces the patients that are eligible for trials now and those who may become eligible as their treatment progresses.

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Data-driven site selection

Most clinical trial research sites under enroll patients.  De-identified patient data and practice capabilities reveal the best sites to activate for your trial.  When you're ready to activate a site, Deep Lens is there to help.

Beyond accrual predictions

Cumbersome feasibility questionnaires are time consuming to build and analyze.  An easy-to-use dashboard gives you the info you need at a glance.

Fewer protocol amendments

Stale historical data only provides a best guess on the patients who match broad I/E criteria.  Real Time Feasibility actively integrates EMR and genomics data so you always have up-to-date insight into your target patient population.

Real Time Feasibility Dashboard Example

Assess feasibility for your study across the Deep Lens Unity Network in real time. Request your dashboard using the form below.