A new measure of Patient Centricity & Outcome on the Patient Journey Map

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Every brand team has critical questions to answer as a new therapy approaches launch.

These include:

• How will patients be identified?

• How do we engage with KOL's and prescribers to understand our unique therapy?

• How can we help patients and providers navigate prior authorization, benefit verification and speed to therapy?

Also, many forward-looking companies are starting to understand that behavioural, social and economic factors impact therapy adherence and outcomes.

These trailblazers want to personalize the interactions at every step. What is becoming most apparent is that a patient’s outlook in many cases is a more significant determinant of outcome. Many of these questions and approaches to care coordination only start to be addressed at the very latter stages of clinical development if at all. These questions need to be discussed and answers formulated in the way of support services much sooner in the development process.

Deep Lens is committed to changing and accelerating the questions and patient discussions in the clinical setting, so patients and families have hope and improved outlook.

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