Deep Lens - Our Mission

By Utilising Technology, Deep Lens Helps Cancer Patients Access Clinical Trials

Everybody knows someone who has faced a cancer battle. However, not all cancers have drug treatments. For many, clinical trials are their only hope. 

At Deep Lens, we're focused on democratising access to clinical trials. That's our mission. 80% of patients are treated in a community setting, and our goal is to bring access to cutting edge research and technology found from clinical trials to people where they are.

- TJ Bowen, PhD Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder Deep Lens

Traditionally, most clinical trials are operated at large academic medical facilities. This can often be out of reach for people living in rural communities or far away from the big centers. With the combination of technology and treatment, we're able to bring a lot of great treatment options to patients who otherwise wouldn't have been able to find them.

Deep Lens takes advanced technology to play the connector role between cutting edge trials and the community. We got our start from tech commercialisation at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Since then, we've been able to modernise the technology by leveraging cloud environments and AI services.

In our brief history as a company, we've been able to push the limits of technology in both deep learning algorithms in imaging, unstructured documents, and natural language processing.

Cancer hits close to home for all of us. We leave no stone unturned with patients treatment options.

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