The Benefits of Going Digital

Going Digital with Deep Lens

From Capex to Opex Just. Go. Digital.

Gone are the days where you must spend months negotiating with your CFO or head of IT for an expensive slide scanner. 

Now, instead of overnighting glass slides to another pathologist you may know, simply send them to us. 

Within 2 days you will have your slides scanned and made available to you in the cloud with your own free Deep Lens VIPER account. It's that simple. 

Click here to start the seamless and fast journey to digital pathology.  

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Saving Space In Hospitals

You want to build a digital asset. You may have rooms full of cabinets, each containing thousands of glass slides, and usually these glass slides go uninventoried.

If you want to find one of these glass slides, good luck! You could search for days actually trying to find a slide. Your slide cabinets are taking up vital space that, in the age of cloud computing, are simply not necessary.

There are also major logistics challenges associated with moving these glass slides around from institute to institute. Your slides can actually get broken, time is wasted, and the patient has to wait.

If you were able to catalog your images so they can quickly be found, how much time would you save? What benefits would you get from analytics and AI on these images? Talk to Deep Lens about our "Lab as a Service" offering and go digital today.

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We're making it easy for pathologists, pathology departments and laboratories to get up and running in the world of digital pathology quickly and with less cost.