VIPER Benefits

Groundbreaking Cancer Research

Deep Lens is extending one of the world’s first digital pathology cloud platforms that for over ten years has allowed pathology groups to collaborate on groundbreaking cancer research across dozens of cancer types. 


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What Are The Benefits Of VIPER?


Simply send Deep Lens your slides overnight or upload your images to VIPER directly and wake up the next morning to find your images in your own free version of VIPER,  in a queue, ready for you to start working on.


In pathology initial misdiagnosis rates are higher than anyone would like to see them. VIPER assists you, the pathologist, with some of the manual tasks like counting cells, but it will also give you insights by matching the case with other similar cancers and help improve accuracy so that the patient gets the right treatment faster.  Predictive, precision, personalized medicine is now a reality.


VIPER has email capabilities for immediate collaboration with colleagues for a second opinion or even a crowd sourcing of opinions for your case. In coming versions we will be adding compelling new collaboration features allowing you to quickly find experts who can read your case from anywhere in the world. No longer do you have to rely on your personal network for that important read.

Earlier Detection

If you can access your cases faster, improve accuracy with AI, collaborate with colleagues for second opinions on difficult cancer types from other expert pathologists around the world, the net result is earlier detection and treatment, and saved lives.

Matching Patients with Clinical Trials

One of the big challenges still with getting a drug to market is the complexity of the multiple phases of clinical trials. One of the major issues is actually finding patients, but even before that trying to find actual hospitals, community clinics, hospitals, institutions, the sites themselves that are actually seeing patients that meet the criteria for a specific clinical trial.

These trials represent a huge cost and a huge challenge for pharma but patients and oncologists are frustrated by the complexity of identifying the right trial for them and getting the patient access to the trial as soon as possible.

VIPER users can match cases to available trials and perform the correct assays at the right time - all to speed up access for the patient.

These assays and available trials will be embedded into the VIPER database, making the workflow seamless and easy to speed up identification of trials and access for the patient.


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